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A little about me and my team.

I have resided in virtually every region of Ottawa, from Orleans to West Carleton to Barrhaven.  Growing up, my father had a passion for real estate.  He owned several investment properties and we often moved around the city, based on the current "hot" deal that came up. So, in my lifetime, I have lived in almost 20 different parts of Ottawa.  You could definitely say that real estate is in my genes. Although I didn't enjoy it as a child, you could say it developed character to put me where I am today.  I learnt rather quickly how to be outgoing and adapt to new situations. I absolutely love every aspect of this city and like to think, I know it inside out.  I was raised knowing the power of negotiations, the art of communication, and the strength to overcome obstacles.  

My husband, Jon and I have been happily married for 19 years now and we have 2 wonderful teen girls who love to keep us active, both mentally and physically.  In our free time together, we love to plan our travels as a family and we have a passion for discovering new cultures. Truthfully we are Diehard Disney Nutz. Our first trip was in 2008 over the Christmas Holidays and ever since then we have been known to go 2-3 times a year. We even dropped everything one Christmas morning while watching the Disney Parade on TV and decided to drive to Florida that day for a weeks' vacation. (who in their right mind does that??) LOL 
We have had the opportunity to visit many great destinations like Panama, El Salvador, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico...... and the list keeps growing.  

Shortly after I wrote my Real Estate License, in 2008, Jon had decided that he needed to pursue Real Estate as well.  Together with our combined 21 years of Real Estate knowledge in the Ottawa Region we can offer our clients the best opportunity to Sell for Top Dollar or Buy a bargain!!

Jon has worked in the Automotive Industry, Long Haul Transport along with the High Tech sector here in Ottawa. In all industries we was very much all about Customer Service and Satisfaction. Along with being hands on with a many Real Estate Transactions Jon makes sure that a lot of back end work of Real Estate is taken care of.

Together we can and will find your perfect property. We are the "Property Match Makers".

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